Page 20 Complete!

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Page 20 Progress…

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Switched from Photoshop to ProCreate on the iPad Pro to get some nice details. Looks like all I have to do now is the people on the pier unloading their luggage.

Page 20 Progress…

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Getting closer to dusk..

Page 20 Progress

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Nina Model Testing

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If Nina was a Movie

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It might look something like this…

Nina Remake

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Remeshed Nina’s face… comic reference.. much better

Page 19 Update

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Nearly complete… few more details… Then we can start sketching out the next one. I’m anticipating around 30 pages before Chapter 1 is complete.

Wisdom Model

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Yup.., He got one too.

Blender Models

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I created these tooned facial models for both Kendra and Nina. To me, keeping faces the same throughout a comic is really hard when I have nothing to reference or look at for guidance. So now this will help a lot, especially with difficult angles.